Baby’s first shoes! So cute but so many questions! You’re probably wondering with all that crib time your baby is getting, do they even need shoes and what size do I need to buy? Shoes aren’t completely necessary yet, and thankfully you have some time before you have worry about arches and foot support. This time is just about style and showing off those cute baby feet! I mean they do say you can tell a lot about a person by the shoes they wear, but does this apply to your pint sized mini-me and their chubby little baby feet? We all know that what a baby wears reflects moms fashion sense more than baby, and no better time to show off your chosen sense of style than when your kid is a newborn. So revel in this time as they cant say no yet and since they aren’t walking for about a year, their shoes will always look brand new! This is all about looking good and adding a little extra warmth!  What to look for when searching for cute baby shoes?  Newborn shoes or pram shoes are generally made with a soft bottom and are meant to keep the babies feet warm and to complement the outfit.  They aren’t really necessary and with so many options to chose from, try choosing a pair that are as comfy and light as possible. Baby booties are great because they are soft, come up higher, don’t fall off, and keep your babies feet warm. Of course soft leather baby moccasins, baby ballet flats, or newborn sneakers complement any outfit.

 Now your baby is crawling, and you’ve had to put away those cute fluffy baby booties and are yet again on the internet prowling for the hottest baby shoe trends. At around 9 months, your baby will switch over to Pre-Walker Baby Shoes. And this is where it gets fun!  Pretty much any adult shoe can be made into the mini-me version like Baby Mary Janes, Baby Uggs, Baby Doc Martens, Baby Converse, Baby Combat Boots, you name it!  At this time, your little guy will start crawling and might even attempt a few steps so these Baby Cruisers provide a little more protection than your newborn shoes, but are still made of soft materials with a bendable sole. This will help if your baby is starting to try to stand or even trying to make a few steps.  The best Pre-walking shoes should always be made with flexible non-slip soles, padded heel backs, breathable materials, and secure closures like laces or velcro.  Sounds fun, but still not sure what size to buy? Although all babies are different and all manufacturers are different, here is an approximate baby shoe size guide below:



  • 0-3 months or 3.3“: Size 1
  • 3-6 months or 3.75”: Size 2
  • 6-9 months 4”: Size 2.5 - 3
  • 9-12 months 4.5”: Size 3.5 - 4.5