Being a new mom is as exciting as it is terrifying. No matter how many articles you have read, nothing can truly prepare you for that first month. The 9 month mark is creeping up and you suddenly realize you have no idea if you have everything you need.  And you know that once your little bundle of joy arrives, getting out of the house to get those things you didn’t realize you needed wont be so easy. I mean do you really need to buy newborn sizes or maybe you got some and they are still piled up in boxes from your baby shower? Can you even bend over to go through those boxes? As if you don’t have enough to think about!


If you are a first time mom you’re probably stressing over what kind of baby clothes you need, how many of each type, and what size to buy.  When it comes to sizing, no two brands are the same and you won’t know what works for your precious little until they’ve been spit up on at least once. So just go with the flow and buy a few of each, you can always order more online later. Do you really need to buy newborn sizes? The short answer is yes.  While you might not need hoodies or dresses, you are definitely going to want to buy a few bodysuits, pants, and footed pajamas in newborn sizes. Have enough for at least 2 changes per day and you will most likely get at least a month out of them.  The rest can be size 0-3.


If you are still unsure of what to buy, here is a quick list of the very basics to get you by those first few months:


  1. BODYSUITS - Get at least 2 short-sleeve and 2 long-sleeve bodysuits in NB sizes.  They will come with a snap at the crotch and are super easy to change diapers.


2.  PANTS - These come with feet or without.  Get at least 4 pairs in NB sizes, as babies can get messy pretty quickly and laundry everyday is no fun.


3.  FOOTED PAJAMAS/ONESIES -  You wont need a lot of these in NB sizes, maybe 2.  They are great for night-time or just hanging at the house in the daytime. Make sure if there is a zipper, it is covered at the top.


4.  COMING HOME OUTFIT - This is most likely the outfit that you will post all over Facebook and Instagram, so make it cute!  Trendy swaddle robes and unique onesies are best for this.  See our favorites in the BABY sections to find trendy coming home outfits for your precious little one!